Letter Services

Provide an opportunity to pay before entering collections.

Our automated contact service gives your customer or patient an opportunity to pay before jeopardizing their credit. At the same time, it is a commission-free grace period for you.

This service is a 28-day, pre-collection letter service program. The debtor will receive two letters from our office that contain their name, address, account number and past due amount. These letters direct the debtor to contact you immediately and directly. We provide your name, phone number and address for ease of contact.

If the account is not paid within the allotted time, it is then subject to be transferred into our straight collections department.

An initial payment of $200.00 provides you with a coupon book of 50 transmittal assignments with no expiration date. For each assignment that you submit to us, we will send two letter mailings. All postage and processing fees are covered by your initial payment.

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